What is Glyph Nutrition?

Glyph Nutrition is a social enterprise promoting nutrition choices, while feeding and implementing nutrition programs for poor and malnourished kids across South East Asia.

We believe businesses are not only meant to do well, but also to do good. Our business services both organisations and consumers, where we provide free delivery of nutrition food. Our CSR and impact philanthropy sponsorship opportunities  give under-privileged a fighting chance in life.

Our scope of work focuses on nutrition, education, co-curricular activities and vocational training. We do so by partnering with local NGOs doing good and honest work in a country, and build upon their existing efforts with our various programs and resources.

Why “Glyph”?

The inspiration came from wanting to be a symbol. A symbol of hope to the underprivileged. An ever-lasting fighting spirit.

A Glyph is a symbolic inscription, and we want the very essence of what we stand for, to be inscribed in people’s hearts.

We encourage people to give back to society in every which way possible. We encourage the underprivileged to never stop giving their best shot at every chance that comes along in life, despite their circumstances.

From the high and mighty all the way to the down and under, we want people to Never Stop Giving their all in every way possible.

This is why we are Glyph. A symbol representing the Infinite Giving of the Human Spirit.

Mission, Vision, Passion & Motivation


Evangelize daily philanthropy through our passion in fitness, nutrition and entrepreneurship.


A health and wellness conglomerate empowering the underprivileged through business & impact philanthropy.


Healthy Living through Fitness & Nutrition


Our Work Impacts Lives & Pushes the Human Race Forward

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