At Glyph Nutrition, we’re in the business of evangelizing daily philanthropy while making it worth your while. Whether you choose to give as an individual, as a family, or as part of your organisation’s CSR efforts, we make sure that you get the most out of your sponsorship and that you are recognised for your social responsibility.

We put in place a structured programme where we take the kids from one educational milestone in their lives to another. we provide them with ongoing food support, nutrition programmes, as well as co-curricular activities (CCAs) to develop them holistically. At the high school level, our students can continue their CCAs while having extra tuition support and internship opportunities with our vocational programme.

Your support helps us to run our various activity programmes on our overseas missions. We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available for you to choose from, and we hope to work with each sponsor to build a personalised partnership that caters to your needs.


  • Regular updates on kids under your programme.
  • Thank-you shout out on our social media platforms.
  • Logo on physical banner at site.
  • Name / Logo placement on website.
  • Direct link to your company’s website on our website.


What is the difference between giving money directly to Glyph Nutrition and to the NGOs?

As a local enterprise that is situated and based in Singapore, we can assure you of our credibility and reputation. We believe in accountability, and we will be here to answer any questions that you may have regarding your sponsorship.

In return, we help to sieve out corruption at the local level by conducting our due diligence on any partners that we work with to ensure that social investors get the maximum impact out of their philanthropy.


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