Mission Glyph I Reflections
On the 16th of March, Friday, our team went down to TOUCH Community Services Centre for our very first local mission – to distribute groceries to needy families! 
We had the opportunity to meet our beneficiaries, who were in the midst of their sewing class, and personally give out bags of groceries. The team would have loved to interact with them personally to find out more about their families and difficulties, if not for time constraints. Nevertheless, they very kindly thanked us for the support, and we hope that we have been able to give them a little something to cheer up their day, however small it may be.
A beautiful mother kindly posed for us! 🙂
Also, Glyph Nutrition would like to thank TOUCH for arranging this distribution session for us to meet the beneficiaries, and we certainly hope that we will follow-up with more of such events in the future. Looking forward, our team will continue to source for more service opportunities to help the needy in our community 🙂
Until then folks!