SPONSOR A CHILD – Mission Glyph, Cambodia

Sponsoring a mission programme is the best way to ensure that there is a sustained effort to improve the children’s quality of life. Our Mission Programme will consist of a nutrition programme, additional tuition support, CCAs as well as vocational training for the children on a regular basis. Our mission efforts will focus on:


Sponsoring a child for $70 will give him or her one meal a day for a month. Lunch would consist of rice / noodles, vegetables, and meat/fish while breakfast would be fortified soya milk and corn.



A happy child is a child who plays. The current school programmes in Cambodia lack co- curricular activities (CCAs) that promote holistic development of the children. We intend to introduce CCAs to draw upon their creativity, and to instil teamwork and cultivate graciousness. This will not only serve as opportunities for them to learn social skills but also learn something that they are proud of.

For students who have moved on to the public high schools, we intend to provide part time internship opportunities and on-the-job training. These students can learn a relevant work skill like sales, cooking or sewing, as well as, earn a supplementary income to cope with costs in high school.

We have 4 social results we AIM to see:

  • Healthier, stronger kids with lesser sick days.
  • Huge reduction in high school dropout rates.
  • Increase the number of kids being sponsored to go to high school.
  • Help qualified Cambodian high school graduates get a Diploma scholarship in Singapore, thereby getting a decent job and a respectable salary.
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